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Adobe Illustrator, the Early Years

adobe illustrator the early yearsWhether you are a designer or not, Adobe Illus­tra­tor has been a part of your life for the past 25 years. Adobe Illus­tra­tor is the graphic designer’s go to appli­ca­tion for cre­at­ing vec­tor art. I can­not really say how many times I have been asked by clients what vec­tor art is and why their ven­dors are ask­ing for it, but if I had a nickel…well you know.

Adobe sales engi­neer Ton Fred­eriks of Ams­ter­dam and his team cre­ated a won­der­ful appli­ca­tion that takes the reader through the his­tory of this amaz­ing pro­gram. The app includes inter­views with John Warnock and Luanne Sey­mour, and includes tons of his­toric mate­ri­als sure to enter­tain design­ers. This free appli­ca­tion is availalbe for your iPad here.

Preserving Typographic Beauty in India

HandPainted Type

Peo­ple today are obsessed with find­ing hand­made prod­ucts from the past. Hand painted signs are a huge object of desire for col­lec­tors. From week­end excur­sions to pop­u­lar tele­vi­sion shows, unearthing these petina’d beau­ties gives us a glimpse into the past when things were made by hand and with great care and love. In some parts of the world, this kind of sig­nage is still being cre­ated. Hand­paint­ed­Type is work­ing to pre­serve this beau­ti­ful skill in India, where street painters are aban­don­ing their trade due to new tech­nol­ogy. Here is hop­ing for great success.